What is it?

Our Bottles4Schools© initiative developed from our passion to help educate generation Z on the impact of single use plastic and help to cut down on the 7.7 billion plastic bottles bought across the UK each year which results in substantial amounts of single-use plastic waste.

 We have developed an interactive and informative session which we are delivering in schools and to support this mission and for all the reusable bottles sold via the Gulpbottles website, we are giving reusable water bottles to school children.

 How will this work?

 Our reusable water bottles currently retail at £20 per bottle, so for every 10 sold at that price we will donate 10 to schools. From time to time we may offer a discount to our customers and will continue to honour our commitment to schools. For example, where a 10% discount is available, we will donate 9 reusable bottles for every 10 bottles sold at the reduced price of £18.

 Positive impact

Our Bottles4Schools© sessions will have a positive impact on education and, together with our donation programme, will help our children to develop positive habits to reduce plastic waste.


Help us to fulfil our mission of saving the planet one gulp at time!